3 New Podcast Recommendations from the Stallion

Every once in a while I like to share some of my favorite content providers/curators here on the ZOG Blog. From websites to podcasts, I find that perhaps readers and followers of my work here often appreciate the same resources and info/entertainment that I’m into, and so I sometimes highlight it.

This time around, there has recently been three “new” (as in, new to me) podcasts that have entered my life that I find myself listening to every single episode that comes along, as well as gleefully going through their respective back catalogs. I’ve done lists of podcasts on this site before, so feel free to check those out, as well, but if you’re looking for something new and fascinating…or just enjoyable…check these out too.

1. The Internet History Podcast: Hosted by Brian McCullough, few podcasts deliver the amount of information density and insight, as well as the occasional fascinating interview, that the Internet History Podcast does. From Mosaic/Netscape to the iPad, there history laid out here is so important to what is happening now online, it’s tough to express. For example, did you know that the “Information Superhighway” was not the World Wide Web? The Information Superhighway was originally a concept devised by Microsoft and the cable companies to be a way that rich, interactive content would get to your TV…not your PC. It’s mindblowing to think about, but it makes one wonder today if the TV/Information Superhighway is a dream that is going to finally become a reality. Each episode of this podcast is timeless and evergreen, and is worth listening to over and over again. Easily one of the best podcasts available…probably ever.


2. Voices of VR: Hosted by Kent Bye, this is the premiere podcast to listen to if you want to keep track of the minds and developments behind the recent Virtual Reality/Augemented Reality/Mixed Reality revolution that is happening right now. I’m very bullish on VR, and it’s definitely a subject I’m keeping very close tabs on through my own science and tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–and listening to Voices of VR makes my life a lot easier. There are a multitude of episodes released every week, generally ranging from 15-30 minutes, and they are full of interviews with people building the VR economy. A great question that gets asked at the end of each episode by the host is, “What do you see for the future of VR?”, and the answers are often the same, but every once in awhile someone shares an interesting theory that I can’t help but feel very excited about. This show is a must listen.

3. Rebel Force Radio: So this is more of a podcast network than it is just one show, as the various episodes released cover different subjects of one specific area…and that specific area is Star Wars, baby. I’ve been looking around for a while for a really good podcast (or network) that talks about Star Wars and fandom the way that I like: Without any language filters, with intensity, some smashmouth, and with a treatment of the fictional Star Wars universe as being serious as a heart attack, and Rebel Force Radio is the only one I’ve found that delivers the goods (Coffee with Kenobi and TheForce.net‘s work doesn’t come close). While I’ve enjoyed all the various shows on Rebel Force Radio, the show that covers Star Wars Rebels takes the cake, and the Star Wars Oxygen show (which covers the music of Star Wars) are top drawer. The hosts and roundtables are passionate audio affairs that I really enjoy, and a rarity in fandom. Also, the hosts seem to rarely mention their kids (if they even have any), which makes it all the more enjoyable because I want to hear about Star Wars for me, the fan that has been loving it since the 80’s, not the fan that doesn’t know what it’s like to exist in a time where there was no new Star Wars content to be had (what Rebel Force Radio hosts call, “The Dark Times”, when there were no new novels, no new movies, no new anything for Star Wars from the late 80’s to the early 90’s). Rebel Force Radio is definitely my latest not-so-guilty pleasure. If you love Star Wars, you’ll love this network.

There you have it. Three of the best podcasts out there, in my opinion. And next to Security Now, they’re probably my most listened to at the moment. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them, too.

Carpe lucem!


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