A Lot of Stallion at PorcFest 2015

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on what’s going on for me at PorcFest 2015. I’ve (mostly) enjoyed my time at PorcFest, and have been pleased to see tremendous, very actionable (as in, not theoretical) talks and classes held. Some of my favorites have included the Nonviolent Communication introduction by Katie Testa, Paige Peterson’s Mesh Networking 101 talk, a fantastic polyamory talk by someone that IS NOT from New Hampshire, Alan Silverman (the importance of which I can talk about another time), Dr. Stephanie Murphy’s yoga classes were fantastic as always, and their have even been Krav Maga classes (my favorite form of self-defense, as it doesn’t rely on guns, and at the same time shows you how to disarm a gun-toting attacker). There was also a really enjoyable “80’s Dance and Arcade Party” where I got to dance to some of my favorite music, and even got to rock out a game of “Asteroids” on an Atari 2600! And of course I can’t wait for Buzz’s “Big Gay Dance Party”. Loved it.

As far as what I’m personally doing (other than getting to catch up with great friends), if you are at PorcFest and reading this, or if you are out there just curious, I will be holding a “Dark Android” talk on Friday, June 26th, at 3pm EST at AltExpo. And then on Saturday the 27th there will be the LIVE recording of Sovryn Tech in the LRN Media Room from 4pm-6pm EST! A very kind fellow will be making a professional video recording of the show that I will release at a later date, but of course this guest-filled and fun-filled episode’s audio will be released on that Saturday, as usual! So keep your eyes out at zog.ninja for all of that!

Anyway, a full review of the event will be coming soon, because as wonderful time as it has been, I do have some pretty serious critiques that I have no problem sharing with you. But now it’s time for me to back to the action!

Carpe lucem!