A Real Lesson In Real Marxism

I know what you’re wondering: “What the Hell is a Market Anarchist doing putting up a blog post about Marxism?” Well, while I definitely don’t agree with most of the tenets of Marxism, I do think it’s important to have a well-rounded self-education, especially when it comes to anarchism. And Karl Marx’s work is certainly a major part of anarchism’s history (and for some, its future), so learning about it, and what is really said by Marx and what is really Marxism (not the Stalin-infused version), is key to having that well-rounded self-education, whether you agree with Marx or not.

Recently I did one of my rare (though seemingly wildly popular) “fictional” episodes of my anarchist-themed science and tech podcst, Sovryn Tech, where I encountered my communist alter-ego: Commander Brian Soviet. The premise of that fictional episode (included below) was all about Commander Soviet helping bring on the “worker’s paradise” that is the endgame of communist goals, and then the fictional version of myself–Agent Brian Sovryn–convincing Cmdr. Soviet to use different methods.

But one of the real goals that I had in making that episode was to cut through the crap that most people learn about what Karl Marx supposedly said, and what he actually said, because those are definitely two very different things. Again, I don’t agree with Marx, and I’m not a communist, but I am certainly someone that doesn’t take much on faith or face-value, and I definitely like hearing different perspectives, which I also tried to relate in the above episode of Sovryn Tech.

And one of the things I was tempted to insert into the episode were speeches and audio courses that illustrate what Marx actually said and believed (including giving those statements their proper context). I decided against that for a few reasons, but when I told people that I had planned on it, many were wanting to know what videos/speeches/courses I do recommend on learning about “real Marxism” and “the real Karl Marx”.

So below is an entire playlist of a multi-part series by David Harvey on Karl Marx and Marxism. It’s an incredible course–and long–and much of what David Harvey has to say will certainly shock you, especially if you’ve never read Das Kapital (fortunately, I had already). If you have the time to go through it, I highly recommend it. And let me be clear one more time, I don’t agree with Karl Marx or Marxism as a whole, I’m definitely in a much different camp, and I’m not sharing this to convert you to communism, I’m just sharing this for your own opportunity to better educate yourself on the matter.

Carpe lucem!


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