Alan Kay: Normal Considered Harmful…Even Years Later

I consider the below video that I have included here to be “required watching”. Many times on my show Sovryn Tech I talk about how the bulk of what is coming out of Silicon Valley is a lot of “me too” nonsense, or merely the digitizing of analog services, or just straight up something that couldn’t dream of being called “innovation”.

I will often talk about how no one is really “advancing” in thought or technology, or I’ll talk about how some technologies that have supposedly “come and gone” were actually never developed to their potential, and could still be used and patterned today, but no one cares to try because–I theorize–they feel they can’t monetize it. But it’s more than all of that, it’s also a lack of real vision. An “eye off the prize”, as it were.

And the tremendous Alan Kay (who if he isn’t your hero yet, you need to do some serious brushing up on him) lays all of these points out here with intellectual authority and aplomb. I could say it no better, and he said it in 2009!

While perhaps I will release this talk in an edited form on the Sovryn Tech feed in the future, it is important to see in video as Alan Kay lays out a lot of heavy truth that needs to be seen (to bad we can’t view it on one of his famed theorized “dynabooks“, which I can’t wait for to become a reality some day).

So please do watch and enjoy the video on this page (privacy settings are “on”, as always, when I share YouTube videos here), and feel free to contact me with your thoughts on it. I think it may be the most important talk in tech today…even years after it was given…

Carpe lucem!