All Blue Laws Will Be Broken at Keenevention 2015!

The title says it all. One of the single most unholy men alive will be starting off the Sunday of Keenevention with a “Triple-Black Mass” that is not to be missed. The First Day of Creation will never be the same with the Tech Panel–for the third year in a row–personally hosted by the Man of the Tomorrow, Dr. Brian Sovryn! And he and his guest panelists are set to break all the rules at one of the top liberty events in the world…no Blue Laws will be spared!

Keenevention-FBheaderAnd now the complete roster of rebellious panelists is ready to be announced!

  • Dr. Stephanie Murphy, of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and podcasting fame!
  • Steve Zemanek, one of the top tech activists in New Hampshire!
  • Denis Goddard, an open-source oracle with an unmatched tech background!
  • Rob Matthias, of the Rebel Love Show and a top copblocking activist!

These are top men (and an amazing woman), folks! All gathered together to talk about technology and what it means for the Free State Project, activism, media, and beyond.

Click here to get further details, a full schedule, and to grab tickets for Keenevention 2015! Keenevention is one of Dr. Sovryn’s favorite events, as it shows off New Hampshire at what he finds to be nearly its most beautiful, the Fall! And to commemorate the Fall, the Tech Panel will commence at 9:00am Eastern on Sunday, November 1st, 2015…an unholy hour for such a wonderfully unholy group!

The past two years have been amazing events, and this year’s Keenevention will be no different. Don’t miss it!

Carpe lucem!