Anarchism is as Natural as Ants

This is one of those things I try to keep to a minimum on my website (as I provide daily content here), but every once in a while there is a video out there that is just so solid and information dense that I feel a need to share it with you at And the one I wish to share with you this time around is a 4 minute ditty out of Discovery News from April of 2015. And it is a packed 4 minutes of info.

And this video addresses numerous things that matter to me, and surprisingly, it is solely about ants. Yes, literal ants.


If you’ve ever listened to my science and tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–you’ll know that one of my favorite tech projects that has been getting developed for some time now is the decentralized internet project: MaidSafe. And they’ve been way ahead of the curve as far as using the example of ants as an analogy and inspiration to what is possible with technology. After you watch this video, I think you’ll have a deeper understanding as to why.

Also, ants have interesting things to say about life in general. As an anarchist myself, I often hear from people that anarchism is impossible, and that’s it’s not even “natural”. Well, here comes one of the most successful species on the planet to prove those people dead wrong: ants ARE anarchists. Instantly, of course, people want to yell and say, “Hey, hey! What about the ant ‘queen’?” Turns out the idea of an “ant queen” is another case of humans pushing their own flawed ideologies onto nature, which often leads to inaccurately describing a relationship within nature itself. The “ant queen” isn’t in charge of shit (nor should any human be, for that matter). So next time someone says to you that anarchism isn’t seen in nature, you’ve go the facts to prove the opposite thanks to this solid video below. And the fact is, anarchism is a product of evolution, and that’s a powerful thought.

I could go on and on, even further than this video does as I think these little guys are amazing (thought not as amazing as the water bear, perhaps), but I think the video hits the high notes. Give it a watch (and, of course, Privacy Mode is enabled)…

Carpe lucem!


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