ANNOUNCEMENT: The Rated R Radio Star to Review “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on Sovryn Tech

The flood of emails that I’ve received since before December 18th, 2015 (or December 17th, when I saw it) asking me to review the new Star Wars film–The Force Awakens–has been near-overwhelming. While I will often do reviews here on the ZOG Blog, the raw amount of stories that get shared through the various social media about this latest film makes me feel that anything I wrote up here at this time would just get lost in the noise (a few months from now would be different). But as I’m a hardcore Star Wars fan, how could I pass up the opportunity to review it (especially when so many are requesting it of me)?

SIDE NOTE: I love adding on nicknames, and “The Rated R Radio Star” is one of my new favorites. Fear not, “The Man of Tomorrow”, “Sov Tzu”, and “The Golden Stallion of the Tech World” aren’t going anywhere. 😉

So instead, I’ve decided to dedicate the entire second hour of the upcoming episode of my podcast, Sovryn Tech, to a review of The Force Awakens (Episode 157, to be exact). I’ll also be discussing the revamped continuity that Disney has been rolling out since they bought out the franchise from George Lucas. Not that I really need to discuss the continuity, since I could easily do an entire Sovryn Tech on the movie alone. I will not be joined by any guests for this, and it will be chock-full with spoilers, so here’s your only warning to go see the movie now if you haven’t already, otherwise there’s half of the show that you may not want to experience.


Another option, of course, is to read the novelization of The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster. It’s a great read (as anything by Alan Dean Foster is), and I actually find the novelization to be far superior to the film (not that I’m saying the movie is bad). And it’s a pretty short read (and can be found as an ebook on torrent sites), so you should have time to get it in before the next Sovryn Tech.

While Sovryn Tech never shies away from getting super-nerdy/geeky and getting knee deep into fictional realms, I normally don’t dedicate this much of a show to it, and I’m doing this post to alert you to such ahead of time and to give you the opportunity to participate. But don’t worry, the first half of the show will have all the tech news you can stand, as always.

If you happen to have any particular Star Wars-themed questions (outside of the massive amounts of requests to do a review), now is your chance to get them in and I may be able to get to them during the coming episode 157 of Sovryn Tech where this review will be done.

And as always, thank you for listening to the hottest tech show on the planet, Sovryn Tech!

Carpe lucem!


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