AT&T Will Be With You…Always…via NumberSync

at-t-death-starThe preposterousness of the company known as AT&T continues. NumberSync? Really?!

Oh, you don’t know what NumberSync is? Ah, well it is pretty new, so I don’t blame you (but I might blame you for something later). NumberSync is a new “technology” that allows you to be reached by one phone number over a series of devices, regardless of their SIM card. Thus, if you have a tablet, a smartwatch, and a bunch of phones, if you have NumberSync enabled with AT&T, you can receive a phone call or text on all of those devices.

Granted, this isn’t anything new. Google Voice could already do this, and followed/succeeded by Google Hangouts. But with Hangouts in particular it made some degree of sense, since that was designed to work far beyond what we normally think of as “traditional communication”. Video calls, groups, social media integration, texts, drawing, yada yada yada, it goes on and on and thus you have Hangouts. Not that I like the service, it certainly has its share of problems…the biggest problem of course it being an Alphabet/Google service.

But alright, so NumberSync is going to be a thing, and while it’s only starting out with being accessible by a single–as yet unreleased–product from AT&T, the fact that AT&T somehow thinks this is useful is disturbing. In fact, I would think the opposite is useful (and very possible). Have one device with multiple phone numbers for anonymity and security and separation of one’s professional and personal life, not multiple devices with the same phone number!

Now before I get into why this is dumb for AT&T, I have a bone to pick: and that’s with you, the populous (not necessarily readers of this blog): How many goddamned devices do you have that you want to get a phone call from that are so important you’re going to pay more for a service like NumberSync? Do you really have that many phones? Oh, c’mon, there aren’t that many journalists that have to test multiple phones (before you mention that)! I’m reminded of commercials from the 80’s and 90’s where a person would be having a nightmare about being surrounded by phones ringing…what the fuck happened to you humanity? How did you ever get along by not being reachable at any certain point? Have you lost your minds? And again, how many devices do you really need or even want? Have you ever considered the possibility of being out of reach and being yourself and being alone with yourself or with a lover and turning the world off for a while?

Not if AT&T’s NumberSync can help it. We’re going to make sure you can always get distracted!

As for AT&T’s complicity in this nonsense, you, AT&T, know what you’re doing here. You don’t offer unlimited plans. You offer “shared data plans”, and you want to sell that off as much as possible, and you can’t wait for smartwatches and other bullshit devices to come out…and then everyone just wants to stay connected, but to stay connected with all of those devices…well…”customers” are going to not only need NumberSync, they’re going to need massive shared data plans now because all of those devices are going to use more and more data.

But then, you claim to not offer unlimited data plans anymore because the “network” can’t handle it…yet with NumberSync you’re incentivizing people to have tons of devices…that would “clog the network” even more. How does this make any sense, AT&T?

The only way I see it making sense is if you are running a scam. A racket. An oligopolist sham. And that’s what this is. And to make matters worse, I know that you’re ready to suck the government/NSA teat at the drop of a hat, more so perhaps than any other telecom. So all of those connected devices? Yeah, NumberSync is just going to phone home to your friends at the NSA, FBI, and CIA, revolving door firmly in place.

I’ve recommended it on my science and tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–before, and I’ll recommend it again: Get the Hell away from AT&T. This company crosses line after line, schlepping more and more bullshit by the year. NumberSync is just the latest crap. In fact, it’s not the latest crap from AT&T. How about that time recently when they sicked the lawyers on a lifelong AT&T customer that had some suggestions for how they could improve their business? Yeah. Exactly.

Oh, perhaps you have one of those “grandfathered-in” unlimited plans with AT&T and you don’t want to lose it? Well, don’t expect that plan to stay at the price you’re being charged now. Verizon (a telecom that isn’t any better) just announced that they are doing a $20 rate hike on “grandfathered-in” unlimited plans. You can expect AT&T to follow suit, shortly.

Use a different telecom if you must use one. Starve this poor excuse for a business, and educate others to do so, as well. This bullshit has gone on long enough.

And for fuck’s sake, how many connected devices do you really want that any of this matters anyway?

Carpe lucem!