Better late than never…



Well, for those who have yet to hear the latest episode of Sovryn Tech (#119), HYPERCRONIUS is on about a one week delay. I take a lot of pride in my ability to deliver on deadlines (just as Sovryn Tech has always been out on release day, every week, for years), and I know how many Sovryn Tech listeners, anarchists, and Gamers have been looking forward to the game’s release, so it really genuinely pains me that it wasn’t ready for the April 5th, 2015 release date, and had to be pushed back approximately a week.

To be clear, I don’t want to put another hard release date on it (don’t worry, this isn’t the phenomenal DUKE NUKEM FOREVER), but bottom line is, HYPERCRONIUS is now going to be taking on the Apple Watch for consumer dollars next week. But I’m confident that even an untested company such as Zomia Offline Games can take on Apple with panache. And I will. Apple, you’ve been put on notice (I’m really beating’em on price, in particular, as HYPERCRONIUS can be had on this site at a deep discount).

More concerning is the release of the real Apple Watch and–potentially–Zomia Offline Games “killer”: MORTAL KOMBAT X. But I assure you, I don’t blame you for putting down your hard earned cash and cryptocurrency on that beauty (yes, through Humble Bundle, MKX can be bought with bitcoin)…if for no other reason than to give the finger to the Apple Watch (proof that there is such a thing as “golden shit”).

But on a slightly more serious note, to answer a couple of questions, I’m still not 100% certain on how “big” (as in MB/GB) HYPERCRONIUS is going to be. The game does have FMV (full-motion video), so that will definitely put some size on it. Mind you, I don’t think not knowing the size of a piece of software is anywhere near as bad as not even knowing what proof algorithm (ie: Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Resource) your “crypto” is going to use over a year after its announcement and having collected millions of dollars from people (here’s looking at you Ethereum).

Anyway, next question. Will HYPERCRONIUS come out for Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Playstation, or Xbox in the future? Simple answer: Maybe. Windows is (as much as I may wish it were different) the premier platform for gaming, and with millions–AND MILLIONS–of gamers to reach on that platform, it’s a no-brainer on my part. That said, HYPERCRONIUS will easily play on just about any Windows emulator, so that should appease some. Regardless, I’d love for it to come out for other platforms (an Android version, in particular, would be great) and will work towards that in the future.

So, thanks so much to everyone for your patience, and keep in mind that the blog that this update is getting posted on is going to feature a whole slew of topics in the future, not just Zomia Offline Games news (anarchy, history, tech, fitness, tea, gaming, books…you name it, it’ll be here).

Be excellent to each other.