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So for a while when I first started my one-man game company–Zomia Offline Games–I took a lot of pride in the fact that I was using my own node to allow for Bitcoin payments. I was helping build and secure the Bitcoin network, instead of just using Coinbase or Bitpay as the backend for my the checkout process when purchasing my games (Ninja Trek, HYPERCRONIUS, and many more to come), which so many people that “now accept Bitcoin” simply do.

Unfortunately, recent updates to Woocommerce and a lack of updates to certain independent Bitcoin plugins has made running my own payment node somewhat impractical. It’s unfortunate, because I have many products that I plan on listing on this site in the future (some of which you wouldn’t expect), and it would appear that I won’t be able to have a clean, independently-operated Bitcoin payment experience available.

If I weren’t working on so many projects, perhaps I’d be interested in taking on this need myself. But I see it as a real product that I think people would pay for: a Woocommerce plugin that would interact with independent Bitcoin wallets in a straightforward manner, and didn’t have to go through some shady company to do the payouts.

Maybe someone will get on that.

But because of these recent developments, I have decided to use the cart API to purchase from this site here on out. It accepts Bitcoin (as well as PayPal and credit cards), and is a company that I support and believe in. They are doing amazing things for indie games and gamers, and I couldn’t be happier that (as I’ve previously announced) all of my games are available on their site, as well. Purchasing through their API right on this site that you are reading from ( is as simple and beautiful a process as one could ask for (you can even donate a little more money to my efforts through the API at the same time that you purchase the game), and so I’m pleased with how it has been implemented. And just as I allowed for before, the only thing you need to purchase the game is the money and an email address. I appreciate as much anonymity and privacy as possible (which is why I had set up an independent store in the first place).

In the future things may change, no doubt. I may go back to a totally independent cart system since I think reliance on third parties is often a scary prospect (as great as is). Maybe someone will come up with an efficient Bitcoin solution like I had described. Or maybe Bitcoin is screwed and everything will get transferred over to BitcoinXT and having independent nodes will be a meaningless matter. Who knows?

Regardless, please feel free to grab a copy of Ninja Trek or HYPERCRONIUS on this site. If you’ve bought them already, nothing will change with your ability to download the games in the future if you need to. The reviews for both games have been fantastic, and with both games, people have described having a lot of fun playing them.

Thank you so much to all those that appreciate my efforts here!

Carpe lucem!