What is D.A.P.S.?


Just a quick entry for the ZOG Blog here.

Starting since Episode 100 of Sovryn Tech, I wanted to have the show be more concentrated on System D (my favorite term for the “parallel economy”, and one of humanity’s ways of getting serious freedom in the shortest period of time) as compared to talking about mainstream tech news. Unfortunately, more popular/consumer tech news creeps into that very subject in interesting ways, and because of that, I often find it necessary to give a long disclaimer stating that the tech news or product I’m talking about is not relative to decentralization, anonymity, privacy, and/or security.

Because of this, I have long wanted to create a term that could be shorthand for “what I’m talking about has nothing to do with System D or decentralization, anonymity, privacy, and security”, that way the long disclaimer is no longer necessary. So I have decided on an acronym to accomplish this. D.A.P.S. = Decentralization, Anonymity, Privacy, and Security. “DAPS” will be the word I’ll use for this.

So if I ever say, “This isn’t DAPS software or hardware”, I’ll mean that it is not something that serves the greater System D, anarchy, or freedom in general. It will be an easy way for me to quickly differentiate between some kind of hardware or software that is meant for consumers or enterprise, or that is just shitty in general. I’ll explain the acronym a couple of times on the show, but then I’ll just say it without explanation from then on.

Feel free to contact me with what you think. Carpe lucem!