Dark Android Updates #1

As I state on the main page of the Dark Android Project, I will be regularly updating that main page as necessary, and as more people contact me letting me know what they want to do with their Dark Android devices.

I also mentioned that as I update the darkandroid.info page, I would let you know what sections are added or updated here on the Dark Android Blog, as I can’t imagine forcing people to constantly re-read such a massive page.

So here it is–for my zog.ninja daily content promise–the very first update to main page of the Dark Android Project. Links are below…


  • 3. WEB BROWSER: Updated to talk about Orfox, not just IceCat.
  • Most sections have been updated to reflect/mention Google’s new parent company–Alphabet–when it is more fitting. I don’t want people to lose site of what this company is doing overall, as in this case I think the statement is true: “It’s all connected man”.


More updates will of course be coming in the future! Thanks to all for sharing this content around, and for those that have donated, it is all much appreciated!

Carpe lucem!