Digital Evolution and Internet Freedom at PorcFest 2014

Another talk I gave last year at PorcFest 2014 was titled “Digital Evolution and Internet Freedom”. I enjoyed talking about the future of technology, and what DAPS-style things you can do now, and it was all very off-the-cuff, which I think make for the most enjoyable talks. It was a solo presentation, and I have released some “contraband” audio of this in the past in the Sovryn Tech feed, but that audio was incomplete. This video has the talk in its entirety, and I will eventually release it in an audio form on the Sovryn Tech feed, as well. At PorcFest 2015–that I am attending as I write this–I will be giving a talk on Dark Android, and will try and get early audio for that, just as I did for the “Digital Evolution and Internet Freedom”.

But to the video at hand. Here, in its entirety for the very first time, is the Golden Stallion, live and in color, talking about the future of technology. Thanks again to everyone involved that makes these conversations possible for PorcFest, and for the entire world to see.

Carpe lucem!