Don’t Wear Headphones While Driving In…

Ooooh! Grabbing headline! Did I trick you into clicking on the link because of the way I phrased it? Honestly, I hope I didn’t. “Click bait” is the first digital plague, and I really don’t care to help it spread. But with any luck you’re more the type that just reads my daily content on the various sections of this site (and I never share more than one piece of content per day, as I really have no desire to inundate you).

And today is not a long piece at all. It’s merely a heads-up on a matter that is near and dear to my heart. I love podcasts. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily addicted, but I find myself listening to them a lot. Especially when I need to go run an errand around town. I thing I’ve found myself doing as late is wearing my earphones (the Creative Aurvana Air Active‘s, still on my first pair after three years) while driving the car to my destination. This saves me the hassle of having to plug my smartphone into the car stereo with the headphones off, and then unplugging it into my headphones and putting on the headphones. Instead, I can just wear the headphones, play the podcast (or music), and then get out of the car and get on my way. It’s efficient (and it’s a “first-world problem, I know). Also, for efficiency’s sake–and to keep from getting hooked on something–I like to wire up my headphones underneath my shirt. Gives them a place to hang if I need to take them off, and it keeps things tidy. Having to run it through my shirt every time I get out of the car is just annoying. So, long story short, I like to wear my headphones while driving. There. Critique me as you see fit. But I consider this very relevant to the Dark Android Project, as part of the purpose of the project is to protect yourself from the Police State (which, as long as we have borders, we will continue to live in a Police State).

Or perhaps you like to do the same thing (and maybe listen to my own tech podcast–Sovryn Tech–while you do it)? If so, I found a very interesting and handy little guide map that will let you know if you can or can’t drive with headphones on in the state that you live in (yes, this entire blog post is only covering the United States of America). Of course, as an anarchist myself, I am all about you completely biting your thumb at the law and doing what you wish to do anyway (as long as you don’t go harming someone else), including wearing your headphones while driving (which I did often illegally in my “home state” of New York when my 1973 Ford LTD’s stereo wouldn’t function). But for those that want to play it a little more on the safe side, here’s a quick guide to whether or not it’s legal in your state to wear headphones while driving:2015-11-29 10_15_55-Is it illegal to drive …_ _ JustPark

Photo Credit: Gawker Media

What’s that you say? Laws are often far more nuanced than this map would suggest? Certainly they are! They are laws, after all, and are completely ridiculous by their very nature. So, for those interested in nuance, here is a more nuanced breakdown of the laws for wearing headphones in the various United States (but I’m warning you, like anything in matters of “legality”, this is long and nonsensical):infograpgic_final_2

Photo Credit: Gawker Media

Carpe lucem!