Everything Comes In 3’s…CONSPIRATHON!

WOOOOOO!! The third and final part of CONSPIRA-THON…for now…


In this (potentially) final part of the series, Brett, Stephanie, and I went “conspira-balls to the wall”. I was even introduced to a conspiracy theory that I had yet to hear of: the idea that “Daddy Bush” was the man on the grassy knoll that shot JFK! DUNNHH!

Anyway, lots of fun things get laid out here, along with some of the wackier stuff I’ve ever bothered to discuss in…well…public. I will likely release this series as a cohesive whole at some point in the future with perhaps a little more commentary from me on the Sovryn Tech feed, but for now please do check out Brett’s incredible work (even beyond this series), and enjoy the lovely hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy and my own appearance–now released in full–on the Schools Sucks Podcast.

Oh, and if you’re hoping this will ever happen again…I can’t speak for Brett, but I can say one thing for certain: The conspiracy theories never…ever…end….

School Sucks #366c: CONSPIRA-THON (Part Three) — Space Invaders

Carpe lucem!