First Ever LIVE Sovryn Tech AMA Special

As I mentioned on the latest episode of Sovryn Tech, I will be doing a LIVE AMA (Ask Me Anything) special on Monday, July 20th, 2015 at 7 PM Eastern!

This will be done using the Periscope app (available in the Play Store and the iOS App Store), and you will be able to type in your questions and I will answer them in relevant order. Feel free to–as the title says–ask me anything at all, it doesn’t all have to be science or tech related.

As far as how long the show will run for, it’s really up in the air, but I probably won’t let it run much past an hour, if it even goes that long. And if there aren’t any questions, well, I guess I’ll just start flapping my yap about something!

I look forward to seeing Sovryn Tech listeners there and connecting!

Carpe lucem!