Gene Wars, IQ, and Immigration

I’m a fan of Chris Stefanick’s podcast, Choice Conversations, and have been for a while. He does incredibly insightful interviews about Artificial Intelligence, as well as recent episodes with Jeffrey Tucker and others, and an impressive recent series with Complete Liberty‘s Wes Bertrand.

In the most recent addition to Chris and Wes’ series on Choice Conversations, they were joined by Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics, who is just a top notch scientist and liberty-oriented guy, and someone that I’ve had the pleasure to converse with and get to know over the years. Brilliant guy, as are all three of them, really. So when you get three liberty-minded people like that together, you know you’re in for some mental/podcast gold.

The podcast linked below covers a pretty hot topic as late, and one that I have been doing a lot of personal research into, as well. The r/K selection theory is the primary thrust of this podcast, and by some it has been used to claim that humans’ political differences are genetic. I will be covering this topic on my own science and tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, in the future, too, but this episode of Choice Conversations really covers and debunks the whole theory with aplomb. Also, the comments on IQ and the g Factor–a “science” that I’ve debunked several times on Sovryn Tech, also–are rock solid in this. Overall, it’s just a fantastic listen that addresses what I see are a lot of fallacies in libertarian circles today. A must listen, and the shownotes at the below link are also vital to understanding the topic and points, so check those out, too.

choiceconversationsLINK: Gene Wars, IQ, and Immigration – The Fall of Stefan Molyneux, Part 3

A deep thank you to Chris, Wes, and Kevin for taking on this challenging topic and delivering this great episode.

Carpe lucem!


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