Hire the Golden Voice of the Golden Stallion!

I think I’ve lost track of all of the jobs and titles I have now. I offer cyber security consultancy services with Sovryn Tech Solutions. I’m the proprietor and developer at Zomia Offline Games. I’m the creator and host of the increasingly popular science and tech podcast: Sovryn Tech. I run and write for the Dark Android Project. I’m a co-host on Sex & Science Hour. I do ad sales for other shows. I’m even a recording artist and musician, having created to works under my Audio of the Ancients label to date. And there’s more to come…but I want to tell you about one more hat that I’m wearing lately…

I’m now–officially–a voice artist. This may shock some that I wasn’t already officially one (considering the amount of ads I’ve voiced, and other work I’ve done over the years), but it’s true. Before I would only do it for clients that requested me doing it, and it’s great fun to do, but I’d never really opened up my voice talent to the world-at-large.voiceartist

Now my voice is available for hire. If you want me to do an advertisement for you, do a podcast intro, voice a trailer for a project, or an explainer video (all of which I’ve done over the years), come and get me. I’ve got the voice, and I have the equipment, all ready to work for you.

So if you want to hire me–if you want a voice professional, flat out–through my official VoiceBunny site, feel free to do that. Or you can email me at: brian@zomiaofflinegames.com and hire me personally.

I love getting in front of the microphone and delivering fun, exciting, or even incredibly serious or epic voice work (it’s part of the reason I do all those podcasts). Let me work with you (at reasonable rates, at that). Just get in touch with me via the link below or shoot me an email.

LINK: Dr. Brian Sovryn on VoiceBunny! One of the premiere voice artist sites!

Carpe lucem!


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