I get asked a lot about what people can do to help get Zomia Offline Games’ first game out to more eyes and players (even people that don’t normally play video games). While certainly sharing the trailer for HYPERCRONIUS helps, as well as sharing the product page for HYPERCRONIUS on various social media, one thing you can do right now is “upvote it” on is easily my favorite game distribution platform for a multitude of reasons (DRM-free, great classic games, and the inclusion of great extras, etc.), and while I’ve already reached out to them to make the game available there, having some upvotes on it would certainly help make the case for HYPERCRONIUS to be available.

Just make sure you have a account, and then follow this link to do it:

Getting the ideas of liberty and anarchy out to new people is a way that so many people begin to compromise their principles. With works of fiction that are fun and exciting (as I like to HYPERCRONIUS is), no one has to do that, and we can entertain people that have never before experienced these incredible ideas. Thank you for helping with making HYPERCRONIUS a success!

Carpe lucem!