Here’s to 2016…and a HYPERCRONIUS II Update

A “new year” is pretty arbitrary, really, and it oft comes at different times for different cultures (don’t even look at the Hebrew calendar that I had to learn growing up, you’ll go cross-eyed). Regardless of how arbitrary it is, it’s a good time to recommit oneself (to something other than a psych ward, hopefully) and get shit done.

I’m not going to lay out some long list here for what I have in mind, though I could make one if I desired. But in short, 2016 is going to see the release of at least two Audio of the Ancients albums (the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Enoch), new features to this website (social media-esque features), continued daily content on this blog and the Dark Android Project, specials for my popular science and tech podcast Sovryn Tech (and the show will certainly go on, perhaps to even two shows per week), Sex and Science Hour will be returning (psst…it’ll be on April 8th, 2016…wooo!), AnarchyMUD, books, and of course…


The much anticipated sequel to the very first game–HYPERCRONIUS–from my company Zomia Offline Games will be released. While I had originally slated this massive, action-packed, anarchy-spreading, sex-filled, classically-styled RPG game for release in December 2015, my present responsibilities in other areas (my security consulting jobs for companies and individuals, my ad exec work, my various speaking engagements, etc.) have delayed its release. And I’ll admit I’m reticent to lay out a date for its release, other than it will be available in 2016.

I often complain on Sovryn Tech about how so many companies just delay, delay, delay over and over again, but unlike those companies, I fund everything I do completely on my own (aside from kind donations from gracious individuals, and, of course, the tremendous support of the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy). I’m not bringing in millions of dollars in crowdfunding and making outrageous promises and production times. So I see it as wholly different. But I’m a person that likes to stick to his word. I generally only have two rules: Do no harm, and do what you say you’re going to do. So just to be clear, I’m still going to do what I said I’m going to do, the release is just getting pushed back a bit (and don’t think HYPERCRONIUS II will be the only game that gets released in 2016, I assure you).

I know listeners to and followers of my work understand, and I appreciate it. I’m going to ensure that 2016 is one Hell of a year for spreading unique content, unique information and analysis, anarchism, and whole lot of fun.

And like I said, there is much more, but I like to actually work on it instead of talk about it. To quote Les Brown:

Lions do not have to roar. There is power in silence, confidence, and persistence. Those who work don’t talk, and those who talk do not work. Handle your business. Measure your efforts by results. Focus your time, energy, and activity on mastering and executing a plan.

Avoid the energy draining practice of telling people what you’re going to do. Instead, spend your time and effort in doing the things that are necessary to accomplish your goals. Keep your focus. and stay determined in order to pursue your dream. Let your work, not your words, speak for itself.

And there it is. So, a Happy New Year to everybody from Zomia Offline Games and Sovryn Tech! The good times have only just begun, and 2016 is going to prove it, baby! WOOOOO!

Carpe lucem!