Greetings, programs! 

You’ve found THE home of the bleeding edge of gaming, science, technology, history, and philosophy…all wrapped up into one website.

But as the page is titled Zomia Offline Games, of course initially you’re here for the games! And while many more will be coming in the future, I implore you to get a copy of the RPG: HYPERCRONIUS! It’s the very first game from Brian Sovryn, the creator, proprietor, and sole developer of Zomia Offline Games. Check out the gameplay trailer!

Also please check out the ZOG Blog on this site for the latest updates and thoughts on topics from Dr. Brian Sovryn, as well as the links to various social media, and find out about other soon to be released projects, including books and more!

Now you can also check out the Dark Android Project and find out how Android devices can help you achieve privacy, anonymity, and security! It’s a blog as well as a regularly maintained primary page that keeps up with the latest developments in the exciting new crypto-economy that is taking the world by storm.

And when you’re really ready to go down the rabbit hole, you might want to see what that Sovryn Tech section above is all about. Few things bend the mind like Dr. Brian Sovryn’s weekly newscast with an anarchist-bent on all things science and technology!

So enjoy the site! And check back often, as there is much more to come….




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