Humble Bundle Bitcoin Danger!

Still at PorcFest 2015 as of this writing, and I want to write a quick post that proves a point I made while giving my “Dark Android” talk at the AltExpo at PorcFest 2015 (audio and video coming soon).

As I had said during my talk: “Everything I’m telling you that you can do could change in the next hour”. And while not everything has changed, a major aspect of Dark Android has changed…at least temporarily.

One of the things I discussed in my talk is how to go about gaming on a Dark Android device, and my number one suggestion for that (even though the F-Droid app repository has lots of free games) is to buy Android games with Bitcoin via Humble Bundle. There are three reasons I recommend doing this:

  1. Humble Bundle has some of the latest and greatest games available on Android, of PC and console-quality at that, and even Android games that you can’t get in the Play Store.
  2. You can download the games directly from the website, no app store or repository required. This is a direction I hope more apps take in the future, since it is very commonplace and empowering on PC’s.
  3. You can buy the games with Bitcoin, so you can–when done right–buy them anonymously, which is one of the major reasons for doing a Dark Android device.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, #3 on that list is no longer possible: You can’t buy the games with Bitcoin. While there is supposedly a workaround by using your personal Stripe account (which Humble Bundle uses as one of its payment processors) which does allow Bitcoin payments, getting a Stripe account is a hard-pressed thing to do anonymously, so I consider that impractical.

Humble Bundle has stated that they will be resuming Bitcoin payments soon, but no clear date is given. Of course if you’ve already purchased Android games through Humble Bundle, you obviously still have access to them even if you had bought them with Bitcoin.

Hopefully this will be remedied soon, as this affects Android gaming far beyond Dark Android’s purposes, and I want to be clear that I don’t see this as any kind of malicious act on the part of Humble Bundle, though I’ll certainly keep everyone updated via the Dark Android Blog if any news comes out about it, and this situation definitely highlights my point that keeping a Dark Android Blog for constant updates on Dark Android developments is very much needed, and I implore you to continue to check back to this site for more.

Carpe lucem!