HYPERCRONIUS…Available Now in the “Psychic Pixel Party Bundle” from Groupees!

hypercroniustv2To say that I’m excited about this is an understatement. When I started Zomia Offline Games in 2014, I had the personal mission of bringing anarchism, sexiness, and fun to the masses through my favorite medium: video games.

I had never been video game developer before, and I set my personal expectations high for the first game that I announced: HYPERCRONIUS.

The beginning to a larger universe that I’m creating that will span far beyond video games, HYPERCRONIUS is an RPG that takes place nearly 100,000 years in our past, and finally makes anarchists the heroes that they deserve to be. It has received very kind critical acclaim, and I couldn’t be more honored by it all…until today.

Today, as part of the “Psychic Pixel Party Bundle“, my very first game has been chosen to be a part of the latest PC game bundle from Groupees! Working with Groupees has been an absolute pleasure, and that a portion of the sales of this bundle goes to charity is all the better.

If you’ve yet to grab a copy of HYPERCRONIUS, this is a great way to grab a copy (don’t worry, it’s DRM-free, so no matter where you buy it, it’s yours). Also, you’ll get copies of Synonymy (with Steam key), the 1989 absolute PC classic Sword of the Samurai (with Steam key), the movie Pixel Poetry (with Steam key), Lucas: The Game, Naninights (with Steam key), the DRM-free indie puzzle hit Subterrarium, and if there are enough sales you’ll even get a copy of Alice’s Mom’s Rescue!

I couldn’t be in better company in a bundle. While you can get some of the bundle for $1, to get HYPERCRONIUS and many of these games, you’ll need to spend $2 (ONLY $2, COME ON!). Total thanks to Groupees for asking me to be a part of it, and for allowing my games to reach out to millions of people.

Grab the “Psychic Pixel Party Bundle” now!

Carpe lucem!