HYPERCRONIUS II To Be Developed On A Brand New Engine!

An exciting development to announce here that has extreme bearing on the future of the very first anarchist video game company, and it directly affects the release of the sequel to the very first anarchist video game–HYPERCRONIUS II–and I’ve already announced it on various social media, but for those that just visit this site (I love you people), I want to make sure it’s known about here.

2015-10-23 15_01_10-

Yes, this is a screenshot of my actual desktop…

RPG Maker MV has been released as of October 23rd, 2015, and I have already been working with the new engine, and I can safely say that HYPERCRONIUS II will be built on the MV game engine! This is going to allow for many improvements and more advanced features–including the game being released in 1080p–and HYPERCRONIUS II will be available on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS…and Android! This will be a massive cross-platform release, and I can’t wait to release it.

HYPERCRONIUS II is well into development, and I plan on it being a significantly larger game than HYPERCRONIUS could ever dream of having been, and will be loaded with some pretty unique gameplay…and of course, lots of sex!

Many more exciting developments coming from Zomia Offline Games in the coming weeks, and much of this is possible due to the very kind donations and support that followers of my work (Sovryn Tech, darkandroid.info, etc.) have given in the past, and I can’t thank you enough. Keep a lookout here at zog.ninja for the latest!

Carpe lucem!