HYPERCRONIUS in the NXT Marketplace


Those that have listened to Sovryn Tech for a while know that one of the rare altcoins (cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin) that I feel has any future whatsoever is NXT. As I have said pretty much since the inception of NXT, it has features that are usable today that other cryptocurrencies have only been talking about for a year or even years. While its value has been rocky as late, and the history of the technology has been equally rocky, its development and list of features has never slowed down (in fact, the pace of it still boggles my mind).

From the beginning of developing my first video game, HYPERCRONIUS, I had stated on Sovryn Tech and other venues that I would make sure it was possible that you could purchase the game with Bitcoin (which you can), but I also stated that I wanted it purchasable with NXT. Fortunately, NXT’s feature set made this easy…I could sell it right inside the wallet client itself with NXT Marketplace! And now, it’s available there for anyone to buy with their NXT (as you can see from the screenshot above). Effectively, you purchase it there, and then I send you the link to download the game. Not much different than what it’s like to buy it from this website.

It’s important to me to support the parallel “crypto-economy” that has been rising in the past few years. If the parallel economy (or “System D“, as I like to say) is to succeed (and it already is), everything that people could need or want needs to be available. But not just “available”, I think it also should be made available with the intention of serving the parallel economy, and thus serving the customer best. For example, if you go to the NXT Marketplace, you’ll see you can buy Steam keys or codes for other websites serving AAA games. These people aren’t offering an actual game that from a developer that KNOWS they are being sold and support being sold in the NXT Marketplace. Two very different things, and one is far more important than the other. So important that I made it a point to address it…personally. Zomia Offline Games and all of its releases will be directly, with full-knowledge, available to the parallel economy in whatever shape that takes (side point: As you can buy goods from this website with Bitcoin, I am not using BitPay or Coinbase’s API’s to allow you to do that. You are purchasing directly from a client that is growing the Bitcoin network unlike–probably–99% of the businesses that allow purchase with Bitcoin. They’re just using a payment processor, they’re not growing the network. See my point?)

So if you’ve been waiting to buy your copy of HYPERCRONIUS with NXT, wait no longer! It’s in the Marketplace and ready to download! Enjoy!

Carpe lucem!