HYPERCRONIUS Now Available on Amazon!

hypercronius1bA couple of days ago I received an email that made me raise an eyebrow. That doesn’t happen often, but it did this time. It was an email from Amazon of all places, saying that I would be getting a payout on a sale.

It turned out that someone had bought a copy of one of my games–that being HYPERCRONIUS in this case–in Germany, through Amazon.

What was so eyebrow-raising about that? Well, while I had submitted HYPERCRONIUS to Amazon for release in their indie game store when HYPERCRONIUS was first unleashed upon the world months ago, I was never informed by Amazon that it had been vetted and was released in their store! There’s a failure to communicate here somewhere.

But regardless, HYPERCRONIUS has passed Amazon’s QC team and it is now available for you to purchase there, with the message of anarchism (which HYPERCRONIUS is absolutely soaked with) reaching out to millions of people.

Admittedly, the new low price that I offer HYPERCRONIUS for on this website ($4.99, and you can buy with Bitcoin!) doesn’t reflect on Amazon. I have attempted to update it, but as you can tell by my story, it takes Amazon a long time to get things through their system. So if you’re looking to get a copy right now, feel free to purchase a copy of it here!

I have also submitted my other game–Ninja Trek–to Amazon to sell on their website, but it will probably take a while, and I’ll have to be pretty diligent to even know when it is available. When it is, though, I’ll certainly let you know here.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Amazon, admittedly (which I talk about often on my science and tech podcast: Sovryn Tech), it makes sense to have the entirety of the “Hypercronius Universe” available there, as that universe will soon include books, and many other projects that you likely won’t expect. And if you can have it all attached to and available from your Amazon account? Sure, I get the appeal.

Anyway, the exciting news is that Zomia Offline Games now has a presence with the massive Amazon game store! We’re coming for Steam next! WOO! Anarchy, baby!

Carpe lucem!