You’ve waited for it, and now the day is finally here! One of the largest gaming platforms–Desura–is now carrying the very first video game from Zomia Offline Games: HYPERCRONIUS! It is official…ANARCHISM HAS FINALLY INFILTRATED MAINSTREAM GAMING! While you can’t buy it with Bitcoin there (you can do that here), you are able to add it to your Desura library.

I’m at PorcFest 2015 right now, and many people here have come to me and expressed how much they enjoyed the game and how important they feel it is, and I couldn’t be happier to hear it. Major thanks go to everyone that has helped support my anarchist gaming effort with Zomia Offline Games!

And itt is a great honor to have my very first game put on such a major platform (and it’s already ranked #70 in popularity at Desura since it’s release today), and don’t worry, many more games are coming from Zomia Offline Games! But if you want to get the story rolling on this millennium-spanning saga that I’ve created, grab HYPERCRONIUS through the below widget, or just follow the below link!



Carpe lucem!