HYPERCRONIUS on itch.io!

I know, I know…you’ve been depressed that there were no video games out there that finally gave anarchists their heroic due. Well, with my game HYPERCRONIUS (and really my company, Zomia Offline Games), I decided to change that. And the response has been largely positive.

To prove the point, HYPERCRONIUS is now not just available on Desura, but also on one of the largest gaming sites on the planet, itch.io! And you can even purchase from that site with Bitcoin (or most other major payment options).

It’s an incredible honor to potentially get solid anarchism out in front of the eyes of millions of people (with no need to work within or run in the political system) by having my first game–with characters that “walk the walk”–available on such a mass scale.

I put a widget below so that you can at least check out the game or purchase it through itch.io (and of course it’s available right from this site for Bitcoin here)!

Anarchy has never been this fun! Carpe lucem!