HYPERCRONIUS, Save Games, and Windows 8

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Full disclosure, I’ve pretty much skipped Windows 8 in my life (and 8.1, if you want to get technical). Microsoft Windows (fuck your trademark) as a whole is the operating system I’ve used most and have been most acquainted with throughout my life (as much as I’ve loved and used BeOS, OS/2, and OpenBSD), so my skipping an iteration of it is kind of a big deal (particularly for a tech journalist like myself). That doesn’t mean I’m unfamiliar with it or I don’t have access to it, I certainly do, but the bulk of my work is done on a sturdy-dirty ThinkPad with Windows 7 loaded on it (in fact, just to be an ass, I took the Windows 8 sticker off of it an bought a Windows 7 sticker to put in its place, as pictured).

The point of telling you all of that is that I didn’t realize that Windows 8 was going to give my new game from Zomia Offline Games, HYPERCRONIUS, a bit of a hiccup. It won’t let you save the game, unfortunately. I tested the game on Windows 8, but clearly not enough.

But luckily, this has an easy fix: right-click on the desktop icon or the actual “game.exe” and hit “Run as Administrator“, and you’ll be able save the game at any point you get to the in-game menu or when the game asks you, and you’ll be in fine running order. This easy workaround for Windows 8 wasn’t discovered by me, but someone who found out about and purchased the game within the “liberty community”, and I’m honored that he took the time to figure it out, and to have met him. If I can figure out how to keep it from needing to run as administrator, I will send out an email with the new version of the game (and at this time I cannot test to see if this will be so under Windows 10, which is an OS still in its testing stages).

Thank you again to all who have purchased the game already, and those that plan to in the future!

Carpe lucem!