SovNet IRC


The SovNet IRC channel is a Freenode-based IRC chat room available to all visitors of this site, at no cost, no need to register, and no password required. It uses KiwiIRC as its backend, which allows for a very simple to use interface, and also allows you to use any of the common functions and commands you’d expect from an IRC client (but only if you want to use them). Even the UI color can be changed using the settings within the IRC panel. Feel free to use this site as your gateway to the exciting and ancient world of IRC!

NOTE: Zomia Offline Games does not keep any logs for the SovNet IRC channel or private chats. Rules for other channels you enter from here may vary, however.

If you would like to interact with other SovNet users through your favorite IRC client (mIRC, Chatzilla, Pidgin, HexChat, etc.), just login to Freenode and enter the channel: #SovNetircbanner