Delivers the Goods on Android

While I like to concentrate primarily on things available either as a separate .apk for download, or something that is available in the F-Droid app repository, today I want to highlight an app of serious interest that exists in the Google Play Store (and the iOS App Store, if one is so inclined).

Since, as I say often with the Dark Android Project, a lot of what you decide to use out of what I suggest on this site is a matter of personal taste and threshold. Some people go all the way with what I recommend, and others just adapt it to their favorite Android device and do what works for them.

And that’s totally fine. Anything you can do to educate yourself and others on the importance of privacy, anonymity, security, and decentralization is a fine thing, because that’s largely what Dark Android is trying to do. And frankly, one of the finest things that helps educate people about these things (and much more) is actually one of the home’s of my podcast Sovryn Tech…the online audio content network:

The sheer breadth of topics discussed on the various podcasts and live shows (including the flagship show that I was a co-host for on Sunday nights for over two years–Free Talk Live) is astounding, and much of the importance and need for Dark Android devices becomes very clear the more one tunes in. I’ve been honored to have my podcast Sovryn Tech air on it for almost three years now, and look forward to many years to come.

To ring in that future, now has its own mobile app that has quite a few features, including (of course) the ability to listen to live, as well as having a very good modern “Material” look, and it even has a button shortcut that allows you to call-in to the LRN “listen lines” (where you can listen to the network via just your phone connection, no data connection required). I’m impressed with the app overall, and the developer team behind it is well-known and will likely keep the app regularly updated as they work with a lot of content providers. And as Dark Android readers know, regularly updated apps are step one to having any kind of security.

Now of course, I generally use specific podcast apps or even TuneIn to listen to recorded or live audio content–and you can go right on using your favorites, too–but here’s what I’d like you to do: If you have the Google Play Store (or App Store) available, give the app a download (click here), and then give it a rating. Downloads and ratings are the most important within the first 30 days of release, and as it has just come out, now’s the time to do this.

But why download and rate it? Simple: With enough downloads and ratings, it could become a “Featured App” in the respective app stores, and then potentially millions of people could suddenly come in contact with the ideas of liberty that espouses (along with a lot of entertainment to boot), all through the use of this new app.

I love it. Getting in front of the eyes of millions of people without having to play politics. All from a piece of software with the potential–thanks to you–to get some well deserved exposure.

I think it’s worth it.

Carpe lucem!