My -isms and Concepts…

While there is certainly something to be said for “not wanting to be labelled”, fact is, there are lots of labels and they can often be decent shorthand (though everyone seems to make a buffet of concepts and the words behind them, often enough).

Just for a fun post today, I decided to put together a list of “isms” and concepts that I find interesting, applicable, or just that I take various ideas from. In no way does putting a word on this list mean I 100% agree with all of something’s tenets. Take “Non-Violent Communication” for example. While I agree with the concept in general, Marshall Rosenberg said that part of why NVC “works” is due to what he called the “Beloved Divine Energy” that is shared between “us”. Now, as a freethinker, I don’t believe in any such nonsense, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find NVC to be extremely important and helpful to my own life, and to achieving the way I want to live and interact with others.

Another example of something that I don’t take 100% is “Objectivism”. Objectivism–the philosophy “created” by Ayn Rand–espouses the idea that there needs to be governments. I don’t agree with that at all. But the idea that there is an objective reality, which is the central tenet of Objectivism, is something I find in few other labels, and that I totally agree with. Some people make the delineation that there is a “small ‘o’ Objectivsim” and a “capital ‘O’ Objectivism”. Thus, “objectivism” is compatible with “anarchism”, but “Objectivism” is not. See what I mean about most concepts not being totally applicable?

Or how about this one: “Voluntaryism”. The creator of the word, Carl Watner, made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that someone that calls themselves a voluntaryist does not believe in the use of the political system, either running it or voting in it. But then it seems today that most so-called “voluntaryists” (or “voluntarists”, no one can really agree whether there should be a “y” in that word) run for political office and vote on a regular basis, almost proudly. So again, don’t take me at 100% onboard with any of the terms I’m about to lay out for you, nor is this any kind of a complete list (in fact, some you might even think at first are contradictory, and many might be shocked by one that is “missing” that I think a lot of people want to ascribe to me).

Feel free to learn more and internalize as much as you want of any of these:

Hope you found this little list enjoyable. Perhaps in the future I’ll do an update of it in another blog post. But as it stands, this is much of what comprises the foundation of how I interact with life and the world. Perhaps it’ll add something to your foundation, as well.

Carpe lucem!