My New Game UNLEASHED: Ninja Trek!

Can lightning strike twice? Well, when you’re an anarchist (like myself), all kinds of things are possible!

Some might have seen it coming, and little hints had been dropped here and there, but it is finally a reality…Zomia Offline Games has released its second game in history: Ninja Trek!


While I will talk more about its development on Sovryn Tech in the coming week, this was a dungeon-crawler game that I was developing concurrently with my first game–HYPERCRONIUS–and is loaded with classic gameplay. While nothing necessarily innovative here (what is in gaming these days?), this game concentrates far more on fun, exciting gameplay than my first game (which concentrated more heavily on story).

I’m still making the gameplay trailer for the game, but for those that like to get in early on my works, here it is: Ninja Trek! A classic ninja-styled RPG with multiple-endings, multiple character selection (and you better believe I made sure you could play a female character), 16-bit graphics, equipment-buying, an awesome soundtrack, and all of the other goodies you would imagine from a classic RPG (you even to get hop in a boat and set sail)!

Journey through history to Imperial Japan and play as one of three ninja defending their clan from an invasion of samurai: Hotsuma the Shinobi, Fuujin the Shadow, or Hibana the Kijutsushi! You can also have a companion along with you to complement your fighting style! Use magic, kitanas, potions, scrolls, amulets, teleportation, ono’s, armour, and enter the dungeons under a mountain fortress in Japan!

While Ninja Trek is a totally standalone adventure, if you have also played HYPERCRONIUS, there might be some…insights…to found be within (yes, I’m saying this game directly exists within the HYPERCRONIUS universe).

And if by chance you have yet to purchase my first game, HYPERCRONIUS, I have permanently dropped the price to $4.99! No need for you to miss any of the story. And if you use the code “SVT” at checkout, you can take $1.00 off of your cart! And of course you can buy with Bitcoin, PayPal, or credit card!

Ninja Trek also has the same DRM-free, portable ability, and compatibility with Mac and Linux. If you were able to get HYPERCRONIUS working on your machine, Ninja Trek will be ready to go for you in the same way!

C’mon, you didn’t think I’d only ever make ONE game did you? And don’t worry, HYPERCRONIUS II is now in full development and still slated for a Saturnalia 2015 release!

Anarchist gaming–thanks to Zomia Offline Games–just became a lot more real, again, baby.

Carpe lucem!