Ninja Trek on…and a gameplay trailer!

Just to prove that my anarchist game company Zomia Offline Games is as serious as a heart attack, my newest PC game–Ninja Trek–is now available on one of the largest gaming websites/distributors on the planet:! WOOO!!

It’s an incredible honor to potentially get solid anarchism out in front of the eyes of millions of people again (with no need to work within or run in the political system) by having my second and newest game available on such a mass scale.

Like Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship”. Well…I ship. Every time.

And if you want to see what Ninja Trek is all about, check out the new gameplay trailer!

I put a widget below so you can at least check out the game through (and of course it’s available right from this site for Bitcoin here!)

Anarchy has never been this fun!

Carpe lucem!