Ninja Trek…Available Now in the “RETURN returns Bundle” from Groupees!

ninjatrektv2The excitement continues! When I started Zomia Offline Games in 2014, I had the personal mission of bringing anarchism, sexiness, and fun to the masses through my favorite medium: video games.

I had never been video game developer before, and while I was working on my first game–HYPERCRONIUS–I had started by creating a “technical demo” to test out various features of the game engine I was using. What I ended up building–somewhat on accident–was what would later be a very complete game: Ninja Trek. But be clear, this is no longer the “tech demo” it started as, this is as polished a game as I can possibly produce, and the reviews of it have oft called it “a perfect game”.

And while it is completely playable as a stand-alone adventure, it is part of the larger universe that I started creating with HYPERCRONIUS. Ninja Trek is an RPG that takes place in feudal Japan, and it is loaded with…ninja! I consider ninja to be the greatest video game characters, and nowhere near enough games are made today with the ninja as the star. And in this game you get your choice of three of them to play! And I’m honored that it is now reaching a whole new audience.

Today, as part of the “RETURN returns Bundle“, my second game has been chosen to be a part of the latest PC game bundle from Groupees! Working with Groupees has been an absolute pleasure, and the fact that a portion of the sales of this bundle goes to charity is all the better.

If you’ve yet to grab a copy of Ninja Trek, this is a great way to grab a copy (don’t worry, it’s DRM-free, so no matter where you buy it, it’s yours). Also, you’ll get a copy of the 1988 PC classic–F-19 Stealth Fighter–and some other great games, and even albums full of chiptunes (one of my favorite styles of music)!

It’s an awesome bundle. Remember, to get Ninja Trek and the rest of the games and albums, you’ll only need to spend $2 (and they accept Bitcoin)! Total thanks to Groupees for asking me to be a part of it, and for allowing my games to reach out to millions of people.

Grab the “RETURN returns Bundle” now!

Carpe lucem!