The Man of Tomorrow and Dr. Stephanie Murphy take “Puke & The Gang”!

Ep202-15-e1440457977749It’s been a pretty wild week for me, but none of it so wild as when I appeared on one of my “Top 8 Podcasts” (there was a Sovryn Tech special where I declared it such): “Puke and the Gang“!

Joined also by the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy, this was an episode that no one should really take too seriously, but it was fun and allowed everyone involved to just “hang loose” (pun intended).

This was my second appearance on the show in its impressive history (the last time was a few years ago, you’ll have to dig deep for it), and as far as what we talked about on the show…well…that would be near impossible to list off in any reasonable way.

So hit the link below and enjoy some debauchery (really, this show isn’t for everyone) with myself and Dr. Stephanie Murphy! Good times had by all!

Puke & The Gang Episode 202: “Butt Switch” with Dr. Brian Sovryn and Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Carpe lucem!