You’ve asked for it, you’ve waited for it, and some of you have already laid down the money for it…and now it’s here. All of the Sovryn Tech sweaties can now access Sovryn Tech Subscriber Content!

That’s right! Exclusive to Patreon “Patrons (subscribers)” comes all-new, uncensored, no-ads content! Just as I promised on last week’s episode! All as a thank you for donating to the show!

SIDE NOTE: If you wish to donate with Bitcoin or some other means, please CONTACT ME and I will help set something up for you, but I think most will find that Patreon makes accessing the content the simplest way.svt_patreon_0001

And when I say uncensored, I mean uncensored! Sovryn Tech Subscriber Content will include everything from indepth, single-topic tech analysis, episodes of historical exploration, exclusive Q&A episodes, as well as entire specials on various anarchist subjects and ethics, along with other rarities and rare appearances. There is no minimum donation requirement, but the more you donate, the more content can be released!

The very first Subscriber-only episode to be released–being joined by the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy–is Part 1 of a 5-part series on hentai, and the classic hentai series Fencer of Minerva in particular. Covering the history of porn in Japan, and then getting into a review of the first episode of the show, the other four parts will be released next week and will cover the entire series.

Rare recordings from conferences and events will be released next week, as well, along with the much-desired “Hedonism Special” that has been oft clamored for. And more content, including videos, will be released every week (along with the weekly Q&A episodes).

You’ll be able to download and/or stream the content directly from the Sovryn Tech Patreon page, no need for an RSS feed or any passwords. Just login to Patreon, and all of it is yours!

If you want to really experience Sovryn Tech, becoming a Sovryn Tech Subscriber is THE way! Head over to our Patreon page to access this content right away and become a Sovryn Tech Subscriber/Patron and start enjoying the exclusive episodes! And thank you so much to all of the long-time donors and Patreon Patrons! Enjoy!


Carpe lucem!