Keenevention 2015 Tech Panel: The Man of Tomorrow Hosts Some of NH’s Best

12496248_1492841211024856_1583143532605295824_oLet it never be said that New Hampshire isn’t full of some of the most brilliant and principled people on Planet Earth. Need proof? I’ve got it for you, in the below video. That’s right, the complete and much ballyhooed video release of the Keenevention 2015 Tech Panel is here!

Joined by the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy, The Rebel Love Show’s Rob Matthias,‘s Jeremy Kauffman, brilliant tech consultant Steve Zemanek, and Oracle’s own Denis Goddard, this is a talk not to be missed by anyone. From discussing the tech scene in New Hampshire, to job prospects, to what apps to use, to the importance of tech in general and how it can bring financial and geographic freedom to your life, no stone is left unturned with this collection of recondite minds!

As always, I was honored to host this panel, and am doubly-honored to have been the only three-time host at Keenevention. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, and I look forward to the even in 2016. But for now, experience the fun and intellectual bantering of the Keenevention 2015 Tech Panel!

Carpe lucem!