The Man of Tomorrow to Moderate “The Future of Internet Privacy” at Liberty Forum 2016!

There are things that I get to do that I consider exciting, and then there are things that I get to do that I consider ridiculously exciting. What I want to tell you about falls under the latter. Big time.

I get to be the panel moderator for “The Future of Internet Privacy“, one of the premiere panels at this year’s Free State Project annually-held event: Liberty Forum. Liberty Forum 2016 was already guaranteed to be an incredible event with one of the keynote speeches at the event being given–remotely–by none other than Edward Snowden himself! Add into that mix a privacy-oriented technology talk moderated by yours truly, and you’re looking at one of the crypto events of the year!libertyforum

The Future of Internet Privacy” panel is comprised of a phenomenal collection of serious doers in the crypto space. Just take a look at this collection of all-stars:

And you’re not attending this action? C’mon, jump on it. Liberty Forum is–and I’ve said this often on Sovryn Tech and Free Talk Live–my favorite event of the year (along with Keenevention). I love New Hampshire, and I love the Winter (I’m dead serious, the colder and more snow the better), and Liberty Forum highlights both in all their glory, along with showcasing some serious liberty issues and speakers. And the real pleasure is the people you get to meet and interact with (and the hotel…ce magnifique, I tell you).


Bottom line, if you want to hang out with the cool kids in the cool weather…if you want to see the Golden Stallion of the Tech World and an incredible collection of panelists for “The Future of Internet Privacy” panel that are genuinely changing the world…AND SEE EDWARD SNOWDEN!!…you need to be at Liberty Forum 2016. I always promise to put on a good time–and an informative, actionable time–when I’m hosting a panel, and I promise you no less at Liberty Forum. Oh, and whether I’m at a Bitcoin conference, Keenevention, or you name the event…the Rated R Radio Star delivers.

I’m honored to have been asked to moderate this panel at Liberty Forum, and I’m honored to be working with such amazing people on it.

Don’t miss it.

Carpe lucem!