Another Easy Way to Help Spread Anarchism

anarchism2Everyone has a podcast. Everyone has a blog. Everyone has a YouTube channel. Everyone has written a book. Everyone does speaking gigs. Everyone has been on a panel. Everyone has been on a panel. Everyone shares things on social media with no impact. Everyone…

And the list goes on. You hear those kinds of statements all the time.

Frankly, when it comes to liberty/anarchist circles, I don’t mind if “everyone” (and really, it’s actually very few people within those circles) has any of those. There is so much Statist/domination bullshit out there, if more libertarian/anarchist content gets spewed forth and begins to drown out the rampant tyranny espoused at all of the conferences and in all of that media…fucking awesome. Go for it.

Also, I don’t really care whether everyone agrees on every little thing when it comes to liberty/anarchism (as long as personhood is respected, of course). I enjoy the diversity of thought, and I even enjoy the heated and often verbally vicious arguments, as all of it becomes a “trial by fire”…a crucible for getting to objective truth (and there certainly is such a thing as objective truth).

Many listeners of my anarchist-themed and run science and tech podcast, Sovryn Tech (the only of its kind, by the way), will often email me or tell me in some other fashion that they don’t always agree with me 100%. And that’s fine. I don’t require 100% agreeance, and in my zeal for individualism, I actively relish in not having it.

But even though people don’t see eye-to-eye with me all the time, they still see value in what I do with Sovryn Tech, as well as my multitude of other liberty-oriented projects, all of which are hosted at this site: They recognize that there are literally no other massively available libertarian/anarchist-themed video games on the planet, with my development house Zomia Offline Games being a one of a kind, with two games already released, and many more on the way. They appreciate that the latest in privacy and security in our “mobile world” is covered almost by the day with the Dark Android Blog. They recognize that I am spreading–in new and very unique venues–anarchism and liberty in places that few, if anyone, has ever done before. And I feel honored by all of you for recognizing that.

One of the few really good things that our modern interconnected world has allowed for is the ease of ability to support others in a multitude aways, from “emergency empathy” to those that need it, to monetary expressions of support and appreciation. It also allows us to build incredible things while we are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from each other.

With what I am building with the Sovryn Tech podcast, the Dark Android Project, Zomia Offline Games, Audio of the Ancients, and more, I have been equally honored to receive very gracious support and donations in the past. And many people ask about other ways that they can support my work, and in turn help spread anarchism in new ways.

And now I have added one more way. The new way is an official Amazon Wish List for Sovryn Tech, the Dark Android Project, Zomia Offline Games, and more. It will be permanently included on the SUPPORT US page, but if you’re interested in helping right away, the link is at the bottom of this post.wishlist

This will be a constantly updated list, and the list will include only things that are needed to keep everything running here. If you do decide to help by purchasing from the Wish List and would like to be recognized on the show via name or with a message you would like read, just send me an email or message, and I’ll personally make it happen.

To all those that supported in various ways in the past, and those that will express and/or show support in the future, you have my deepest thanks.amazon_wishlist_button“Official Sovryn Tech/Zomia Offline Games/Dark Android Project Amazon Wish List” Link:

Carpe lucem!


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