Caspar Bowden and the Cloud Conspiracy

casparbowdenA case I’ve made often on my science and tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, is a case that was originally made by the pioneering and important work of ex-Microsoft employee, Caspar Bowden (and I make sure to credit him every time I bring it up). Caspar had spent years–long before Edward Snowden revealed anything–explaining and proving how just through very open facts “on the books” that there is NO data privacy from the US government for any consumer that is using the services/software/etc. of a corporation that is set up within the United States (ie: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and so on). And he made many more points, much of which had to do with revelations about the NSA. These were all controversial statements to make, and no matter for how long Caspar Bowden was making them with plenty of proof, no one believed him until Edward Snowden delivered the more direct evidence of Caspar’s claims…and then Caspar Bowden died not long after in 2015.

Fortunately, Caspar Bowden was able to get some vindication for and recognition of his tremendous heroism. But still, many have no clue about the important information that he had been dissemenating for years. So I found it only fitting to add him to the “Hall of Heroes”, of sorts, at the Dark Android Project, and share with you one of the best (and last) talks that Caspar ever gave. “The Cloud Conspiracy” was a talk that ran the gamut of his “conspiracy theories”…and are largely now fact. Give it a watch…

The death of Caspar Bowden was a genuine loss, especially when the struggle against corporatism for privacy and data security for individuals is at a fever pitch. I personally applaud his courage and his life. I’m sure you’ll find it fit to do the same.

Carpe lucem!