Brian Sovryn Announces New Venture: “Sovryn Tech Solutions”!

Ever since I started my tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, I’ve had people ask me over the years if I would be willing to do business or personal cyber security consulting for them. I consider myself to be very fortunate that my reputation from Sovryn Tech, and my seemingly “prophetic” statements (as an atheist, I hate the term, but listeners have used it to describe what I say, so who am I to argue?) have given people the confidence in my knowledge on matters of cyber security and technology in general to where they wish to have me onboard with them as consultant.

And now I want to open up my services as a cyber security consultant to everyone, not just those that have the temerity to ask me in private. While in some ways I’ve already done “consultant work” for free with the Dark Android Project–and Sovryn Tech itself–by keeping people up to date on the bleeding edge of security issues and tech developments, neither of them are really tailored towards specific business’ needs, or even specific individual’s needs. Everyone’s situation is unique, after all. And certainly when it comes to being insurance-compliant, or working with entire teams, or creating personal security and encryption rollouts…well, no blog or podcast could make those fully realized. But my new cyber security consultancy venture can.


Sovryn Tech Solutions gives you, or your entire business, or organization, your team, you name it, access to the man behind one of the most popular tech podcasts on the planet. I’ve done work with many companies in the past on this, and I’ve also done personal consulting with individuals, and (as much as I hate to admit it) have also done security consulting during my time with the US Army. And I’ve been involved in the cypherpunk movement since the late 90’s. Bottom line being, I have the credentials.

So if you’re wanting to up your cyber security game personally, or get your business up to snuff for insurance-compliance and client peace-of-mind, or even if you’re an activist that relies on the latest in security developments (I don’t shy away from securing against government intrusion)…I’m here for you, and at very reasonable rates in comparison to the rest of the cyber security groups.

If you want to see if Sovryn Tech Solutions is right for you, just head over to, or the main Sovryn Tech Solutions page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or you can contact me here.

Remember, the more each of us does to implement best practices when it comes to our online interactions, the better off we all are.

LINK: Sovryn Tech Solutions

Carpe lucem!