The Man of Tomorrow and Dr. Stephanie Murphy on “The Voluntary Life” Talking the Free State Project!

Wooo! Just recently I had the great pleasure of being on one of my favorite podcasts of’em all: The Voluntary Life! Joined by the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy, the host Jake Desyllas asked us about our participation in the Free State Project, and asked us on our thoughts about it after having been living in New Hampshire for a few years.

I think you’ll find the episode (linked below) very even-handed, perhaps even surprising in its take on various things, and nothing is really left off the table here.voluntarylife

On a personal note, it was a great honor to me (seriously) to be on the show, as I am a big fan of The Voluntary Life, and of Jake Desyllas, whom I’ve had the pleasure of personally coming to know as one of the “real deals” in this whole liberty thing. If you haven’t checked out his podcast, or read any of his books, I can’t recommend doing so enough.

But why am I still typing? Give this episode a listen, and hear a real “insider’s view” of the Free State Project, and more…

LINK: The Voluntary Life: 236 The Free State Project: Interview with Stephanie and Brian

Carpe lucem!


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