Audio of the Ancients Returns…with “The Descent of Ishtar”!

ishtar_coverThe Man of Tomorrow returns to his musician skills and performance skills to deliver the latest installment in the Audio of the Ancients series: The Descent of Ishtar EP! This exciting four song/performance album is now available for purchase through the Audio of the Ancients Bandcamp page (no need to sign in to use Bandcamp), and is ready to be listened to in all of its glory! Relive the descent of the ancient goddess Ishtar into the underworld…and experience ancient history as only the Golden Stallion, Dr. Brian Sovryn can deliver it!

Now, some of you may be wondering…why The Descent of Ishtar instead of the Epic of Gilgamesh? Well, the Epic of Gilgamesh is still coming, and it will definitely be the next release from Audio of the Ancients. But The Descent of Ishtar serves very much as a prequel to the story of Gilgamesh, and so I figured instead of pulling a George Lucas on you, I’ll actually release the first known parts of the story…well…first. All of the sound effects, original music (by yours truly), and performances (I even acted out the female characters!) are here…all collected and done by me, just as it was with my first release: The Dream Stela of Thutmose IV.

As it stands, The Descent of Ishtar EP is available at my Bandcamp page, and only costs $3.50 USD (and you can use credit card or PayPal)! So please don’t hesitate to grab a copy. Like everything else I do at, each project helps fund everything else, and everything I do serves as an interrelated foundation (consider that Audio of the Ancients started as a request by Sovryn Tech listeners to hear the ancient texts I’d so often bring up…even on a tech podcast). Here’s a description from the album’s Bandcamp page:

Experience a private translation of one of humanity’s most ancient texts: “The Descent of Ishtar”! Translated from the original Akkadian, with all original music and original performances by Brian Sovryn himself, Audio of the Ancients is proud to share with you one of the first stories of a goddess that delved into the darkest depths…long before any other religion laid claim to similar tales. Thousands of years ago in the Babylonian Empire, this story was known to one and all and many heeded its words and its mysteries. Now, take a journey through the ancient world, and journey with Ishtar to the underworld…and times undreamed of!  

How could you not want to try that on? And hey, it makes for a great Easter present! Yes, you can celebrate the true meaning of Ishtar…err…Easter! This is ancient history as you’ve never experienced before…and you know the Man of Tomorrow always delivers the goods! Thank you in advance to those that purchase the album. Feel free to use the link below…

LINK: The Descent of Ishtar EP from Audio of the Ancients. Purchase via Bandcamp!

Carpe lucem!