The Rated R Radio Star Appears On “Puke & The Gang” and Goes Unrated!

Longtime listeners of science and tech podcast Sovryn Tech know that on my Sovryn Top 8 Podcast list, a tragic little comedy podcast sits on that list: Puke & The Gang. It’s a hilarious show run by an excellent group of guys (and often, gal, the remarkable one-time Sovryn Tech guest: Ellen Ball), done in the stunning sticks of New Hampshire, from an equally stunning new studio (also largely worked on by the aforementioned gal). And seriously, the production values of this show make even I jealous (and I know what it’s like to deliver “high production values”).

So it was this past weekend of March 2016 that I–along with the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy–was asked to be on the show. But, little did Stephanie and I know that we would have to fight for our lives to decide which of us would be the guest host for the week!patg2

SIDE NOTE: To hear the (very funny) “game show” that Stephanie and I had to partake in to decide who would be the guest, you’ll have to sign up for Puke & The Gang’s “Private Chunnel Lounge” (or PCL), and get all of their well done–and ironically, sometimes very insightful–bonus content.

Using the skills that only the Man of Tomorrow can muster, I was victorious in this contest of wits and strategem, and valiantly guest hosted for the whole episode. It was a jovial time, to say the least. Talking video games, smartphones, and a lot of things I’m afraid to type here…who am I kidding…this was a Hell of a time! Each one of the guys on this show are cool cats, and they always deliver some of the funniest shit out there, and I enjoyed being a part of it in this episode.

SIDE NOTE: Stephanie, Ellen, and others did an entire separate–very uncensored–“After Show” that I think will only be available through the aforementioned “Private Chunnel Lounge” on Puke & The Gang’s site. You really, REALLY, don’t want to miss that. REALLY. It was amazing.

So, if you want to have a good laugh for a little while, go give this episode a listen, and hear the Rated R Radio Star as you’ve never heard him before!

LINK: Puke & The Gang Ep. 230: “Nerds”

Carpe lucem!


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