Watch “The Future of Internet Privacy” Panel from Liberty Forum 2016

lf2016privacy1Woohoohoo…my…oh my…if you want to see a good time on this fine Ishtar Sunday (spelled correctly), you have got to see this panel that I had the great pleasure of moderating: “The Future of Internet Privacy” panel was comprised of myself and a phenomenal collection of serious doers in the crypto space. Just take a look at this collection of all-stars:

Do I have to say more? This panel was fantastic, and at the end the very kind panel presenter didn’t want to stop it, as she said it was the best and most engaging panel at Liberty Forum 2016. It was standing room only during the panel, and there was no chance that we would have been able to get to all the questions during it, as much I and the panelists wanted to.

But it was just a phenomenal panel, with loads of insights, plenty of heat, and some fun to boot! You know the Man of Tomorrow always delivers the goods, baby! So what are you waiting for? Get watching! (YouTube privacy-enhanced mode enabled, as always, on this site.)

Big thanks to one of the best videographers in the space right now (and past Sovryn Tech guest), Ryan Taylor, for making sure this brilliant panel was recorded for posterity. Subscribe to Ryan’s YouTube channel if you’re not already, it’s loaded with content very relevant to the Dark Android Project.

Carpe lucem!