Rumors of My Death…Site Updates for

zogninja_qr1As followers of this site likely noticed today, was down for a few hours today. It was a degree of unscheduled maintenance and hardening of the website, and it definitely took longer today than I expected. If I’d known it would take multiple hours, I would have made a better warning than just mentioning it on Twitter that the site would be down.

Sorry about that.

Rest assured, this downtime had nothing to do with any actions by bad actors/crackers. In fact much of the work I did was to mitigate those potentialities in the first place. The Golden Stallion likes things to be locked down. Hard.

I have been doing lots of updates to the website lately, and with any luck by the end of the week this site will be completely revamped. So bare with me this week as I put the finishing touches on. There’s the chance that at certain points you will see some very rough edges of the new design, so please be patient during those moments.

Because of all the website work, the URL “” has been leading to the Soundcloud page for Sovryn Tech, but once the refit here is done, that URL will lead you to this site once again.

Anyway. Thanks so much to everyone that contacted me out of concern for the me and the website, and it’s really vindicating that so many people check this site daily to get a fix of the latest news and content that I provide.

And yes, this counts for today’s content due to the site being down for those few hours.


I can tell you that Sex & Science Hour will premier this week, on Friday, April 8th, as we promised on Sovryn Tech, and I can tell you…woo boy…it’s going to be a lot of fun. And I will be posting it on this site, too! WOOOOOO!!

Carpe lucem!


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