Thinking Rationally: A Podcast Series That the World Needs

Here’s something that may surprise you: I don’t listen to many “liberty-oriented” or “freedom-oriented” podcasts. Most of them are incredibly redundant in their content, and are often not very researched, or don’t really strike at the core of the issues of personal freedom that interest me and are part of my personal life goals.

What I want to share with you today is the exact antithesis of everything I just said. It’s a freedom-oriented podcast, certainly, but the particular series that this podcast has been doing as late is the “toppest” of the top drawers. With three episodes in so far (and more to come), this series within a podcast is a masterclass of history and thought that won’t even take you an hour to listen to.

The podcast is one my favorites and was on my list of Top 8 Podcasts on my show Sovryn Tech, and it’s The Voluntary Life with Jake Desyllas. The multi-episode series that Jake is doing at the moment is called “Thinking Rationally”, and it’s a tour de force of that very subject, but impressively in very tight, 20 minute-or-so packages.

voluntarylifeWith breakdowns of why faith and reason are incompatible, as well as many postmodernist ideas being incompatible with reason, it starts to highlight the concept (which I’m sure will be brought to fore in later episodes) that the Enlightenment–a serious turning point in human history that led to the prominence of reason–isn’t over yet. There’s still more work to do. The quotes alone in these episodes both from Jake and from various authors will entice, as well as many quotes from widely-claimed-though-not-deserving “luminaries” that will absolutely shock you to your core.

enlightenmentThis is a series not to be missed, and I recommend The Voluntary Life podcast overall, but “Thinking Rationally” is freedom-oriented content that seems to be sorely missing these days, with more and more “liberty minds” descending into contradictions and bullshit marketing tactics and pure shock jock value with little coherent substance. “Thinking Rationally” is a fantastic antidote to such nonsense. Give the series a listen at the links below.

LINK: The Voluntary Life 243 – Thinking Rationally Part 1: Faith Versus Reason

LINK: 244 Thinking Rationally Part 2: Imaginary Creatures and Machines

LINK: 245 Thinking Rationally Part 3: Anti-Rational Ideas

Carpe lucem!