R-Type Brought to “Life”…and It’s Fucking Brilliant

Okay…you were probably expecting me to talk about Google I/O 2016 today. Well, I’m not. That’ll have to wait until this week’s episode of my tech podcast, Sovryn Tech (and believe me, I will go very in depth about it in that episode). Instead, I want to share a little piece of badassery with you.

Longtime followers of my work know that I identify first as a gamer, then a historian, and then a tech journalist. Being a gamer first is an important part of all this, and in many ways it’s the first thing I can ever remember being. I remember getting an NES the year of its North American release (when I was 6 years old), and my first game for it was Kung Fu. And my dad also repaired arcade games for the local skating rink (as a hobby), so I was able to play Frogger and Defender: Stargate, no quarters required (among many other classics, like Red Baron). But one of the games that I truly loved because of the insane amount of skill that it required…was R-Type. R-Type is a fantastic (and very difficult) side-scrolling space shooter that falls in line with Gradius and others, and the original and its sequels have always delivered the goods, in my opinion. If you’ve never played, do yourself the favor and get on it.R-Type-Boss-Level-One1

SIDE NOTE: C’mon, the name of the site is zomiaofflineGAMES.com, how could you not expect me to talk about gaming here and there? Seriously.

So, much to my surprise this morning, I find an animated masterpiece based on R-Type (to a high level of game fidelity and accuracy) on YouTube. And I mean it, this is an incredible 3+ minutes that’s awesome whether you have history with R-Type or not. Also surprisingly, there are points of this that are genuinely funny, and also kinda sexy. Alright, enough of me, check this shit out…

See what I mean? Incredible. How could I not make it a part of my personal curation here at zog.ninja? Well, I did. Hope you loved it, too. And if you’re not a gamer…hey…maybe this will inspire to start with the classics and become one. A real one…none of this Angry Birds horseshit.

Carpe lucem!

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