Acer: The Kings of Battery Life…Now with a 5000mAh Android Phone!

It’s funny. Just the other day I was writing and raving about the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy S7 Active phone because it was going to have very little cruft, and an impressive 4000mAh battery in it…and then what happens? Acer (a company of whom’s product I happen to be writing this blog post on) announced that they are releasing an Android phone with a…wait for it…5000mAh battery! Holy fuck-me-in-the-goat-ass!

Acer has never had a serious smartphone presence in the US, but that will change in July as the company launches the Liquid Zest Plus. It certainly sounds like something you’d use to clean your kitchen counter, but it’s an unlocked LTE smartphone with Android 6.0, a 5.5-inch 720p display, and that whopping 5000mAh battery.

acerzestplusThe Liquid Zest Plus, admittedly, is a budget phone with a MediaTek MT6735 quad-core Cortex-A53 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. It has a rear-facing 13MP camera that Acer says uses a “tri-focus” system for faster captures. There’s a mono speaker on the back, but the Liquid Zest Plus apparently has “DTS-HD Premium Sound.” That’s all well and good, but the selling point here is absolutely that giant battery, which Acer claims will let you go three days on a charge. Three fucking days. Great Satan.

You’ll likely have to buy it unlocked–I can’t imagine that carriers will be adding this to their repertoire, nor is it really necessary since you won’t have to save too many pennies to pick one up. The Liquid Zest Plus will only cost $199 when it launches in July. The international price will be similar, and will be released around the same time.

Again, not the most powerful thing on planet Ocean…I mean…Earth, but Acer’s latest phone does seem to answer something that even more mainstream sites are finally bringing to fore: the consumers desire for greater battery life, despite most manufacturers not being willing to implement it in consumer-facing products in the past. Recently, this does seem to be changing–at least on the budget side–with ASUS also coming out with the Zenfone MAX which also comes with a 5000mAh battery (and slightly lower specs than Acer’s offering). But these two companies that are trying to make more of a name for themselves in the US market are the only one’s really trying (outside of China, anyways).

And I can’t help that this comes from manufacturer dominance, which I’ve written about on this blog before (and do read that, it’s a doozy). Major manufacturers have dominance in a market and can thus do very incremental improvements to their device lines year over year, without anyone being able to get what they really want (as in, larger batteries). Just consider how long it took for Apple to get into the “large screen” game. There’s no reason they couldn’t have done it years ago, they just know that for a few years they can resell the same bullshit to people, and those people will be dumb enough to keep upgrading. Now that we’re in “peak smartphone”, lesser known device  manufacturers like ASUS, BLU, Acer, and others can now step in and genuinely compete and find a market.

This is why I recommend buying lower end phones from the aforementioned companies: It shakes up Apple, Scamsung (spelled intentionally), LG, and others. It breaks up the monotony. At under $200, and with three days of battery life, the Liquid Zest Plus is a good option to get your hands on to stick it to the manufacturers that think they know what you want no matter how much you tell them differently.

Always, always be an educated consumer. That’s much of what the Dark Android Project is all about.

Carpe lucem!